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BMW Japan Corp.


Purchasing Japan
Joined in September 2015

By introducing Japan’s potential suppliers and their technologies to German headquarters, I hope to contribute to added-value of the next generation BMW cars. I am glad to be able to serve as the go-between. Through my work at BMW, I can see the automotive market trend as well as technology trends from a global standpoint, and work with wider perspective.

BMW Japan Corp.


Corporate Sales
Joined in April 2013

I think what makes BMW Japan Corp. so unique is that it skillfully combines a Japanese company's sense of teamwork with a foreign company's focus on individual results and incentives, regardless of age.

BMW Japan Corp.


Finance and Administration
Joined in October 2012

BMW Japan Corp. has a very international work environment, and it is a company in which you can speak on equal terms with everyone. Although you can express yourself freely, it is also a meritocracy that expects concrete results. For this reason, greater discretionary powers and responsibilities are given to each person, making it a company in which it is quite easy to demonstrate your abilities and move ahead.

BMW Japan Finance Corp.


Joined in February 2012

As an Area Sales Manager, my current responsibility is offering financial products such as loans and leases to certified dealers, and to support their sales. The most exciting and beneficial part of my job is to be able to communicate with Presidents and Sales Directors of certified dealers whose point of view is entrepreneurial and visionary. If not working for the premium brand "BMW", I could hardly have such experiences.

BMW Tokyo Corp.


New Car Sales BMW, Tokyo Bay
Joined in December 1993

The great thing about our culture is how it respects individuals and gives us opportunities to thrive in our own way while ensuring individuals professional and personal growth. I would like to continuously act as an ambassador of BMW and convey how phenomenal and remarkable our products are.

BMW Tokyo Corp.


Aftersales, Tokyo Bay
Joined in August 2007

BMW's design and engineering philosophy, as well as its quality, was something that motivated me to join the company. I also wanted to improve myself by learning and working alongside highly skilled mechanics at BMW Tokyo Corp. I feel very fortunate that the company provides continuous learning opportunities to help us develop into full-fledged mechanics. I am very proud to work here as a BMW Meister.

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